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Short hair is in this spring! If you’ve always thought about making the cut, now is the time to do it! If you’re brave, go for a textured pixie cut. If you’d like to keep some length, try a blunt bob or lob. Blunt ends are key to healthy-looking hair. Make sure to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis to keep the ends full & get rid of any damaged split ends.



Skincare Tips &



After the drying winter, it is the perfect time to detox

& renew your skin’s balance. We’ve developed a signature facial perfect for the spring, featuring natural scents from our handmade, skincare line, Eminence Organics.  This line works to detox the skin from environmental stressors, leaving your skin renewed, refreshed & glowing.



Microgreens Detox Facial $99


Available for a limited time | 60 min. | $109 value



Stone Crop Cleansing Oil

An effective natural cleansing oil for all skin types, containing jojoba oil,   sunflower oil, stone crop & microgreens to remove makeup, brighten the complexion & soften the skin, without feeling greasy.


Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant

A power-to-foam exfoliant, featuring stone crop, rice flour &

microgreens to gently exfoliate your skin & remove impurities.


Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment

A revitalizing treatment containing hydrating lotus, jojoba & microgreens to improve hydration levels, protect skin from environmental stress & leave your skin revitalized.


Staff Spotlight :

Nicole Twito,

Skincare Specialist

Nicole, what made you decide to go into skincare?


NT : I’ve always been beauty obsessed. Growing up, I was the beauty guru in my group of friends. I loved to study skincare, practice putting on makeup & tweezing my eyebrows. Beauty has always been a passion of mine.


How long have you been working in the industry?


NT : I graduated from the Aveda Institute & have been

working in the industry for almost 6 years.


What do you consider to be your specialty?


NT : My favorite thing to do is brow waxing. I am very detail-oriented.  I love sculpting brows & the instant gratification

I get from enhancing a client’s natural features.


What skincare or makeup trend are you most looking forward to in 2017?


NT : I really love that more people seem to be caring about & taking a vested interest in their skin. It’s becoming a trend that people are concerned about anti-aging & wellness. I am excited to encourage people on that path & assist them with their skin & beauty needs.


With is your favorite part about being

a reVamp! team member?


NT : I love having a supportive team backing me & I love being able to offer so many services. In the past, I had to work multiple jobs to be able to offer my entire service menu between skincare, makeup, lashes & massage - now all  offered under one roof!


Makeup Tips & Trends

This spring, accentuate your natural beauty with

Jane Iredale’s NEW spring collection.

This line features peach & rose tones for a natural, radiant look.


The Pink Quartz & Soft Kiss Eyeshadow Trios are perfect for contouring the eyes & enhancing your eye color.


The Lisa & Susan Puremoist Lipsticks contain Vitamins A & C, avocado & sunflower seed oils, pomegranate & blackberry extracts for healthy, hydrated lips.


Candid Cream Blush is a cream-to-powder

formula that is perfect for a lit-from-within glow & can also be applied to the eyes and lips.


The Peaches & Cream Bronzer is great for

contouring, highlighting & achieving the perfect sun-kissed glow.

Nail care Tips &


Deluxe Healing Pedicure $59


Experience our new signature pedicure featuring products

that are perfect to get your feet ready for sandals!


Available for a limited time | 60 min. | $79 value



Lemongrass Essential Oil Soak

Warm up your toes in a bubbling bath of this soothing

aromatherapy soak to soften cuticles & callouses.


Renewing Body Scrub

Salt scrub sloughs away dead skin to

leave your feet smooth & refreshed.


Healing Mud

Soothe sore feet with this warm healing mud mask

& hot towels for a relaxing experience.


Juvenate Body Cream

Experience a tension-relieving foot & leg massage.


Revitalizing Leg Gel

Stimulates tired legs & calves to leave you feeling revived.


Nourishing Neem Cream

Applied to any rough areas that need softening & healing.



Did you know that reVamp! salonspa carries wigs?


We can assist with selecting & purchasing a wig for clients      experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia areata, or hereditary hair loss. We aim to comfort clients during these difficult life situations & look forward to providing a humanistic atmosphere in an effort to help you deal with your hair loss needs.


Staff Spotlight :

Cheryl Gummerson,

Wig Specialist & Makeup Artist

Cheryl, how long have you been working with wigs?


CG : I have been doing wig consulting for 10 years.


Tell me about the process of wig consultation.

What is the experience like for the client?


CG : I strive for a relaxing, educational & fun experience for that client. I listen to their wants, what they are looking for & deliver what I think would work best for them based on their needs & what they are going through.


And you also teach hair loss clients

how to apply their makeup?


CG : Yes, for hair loss clients who lose their eyelashes & eyebrows, I show them how to draw on their brows & for their lashes there is a trick with lining the eyes, or they can apply false lashes if they choose. One of the most difficult parts with losing the brows & lashes is that when they’re completely gone, you don’t know where to put them! I teach the client how to apply the makeup to look as natural as possible & make sure that they are able to do it themselves at home.


What do you like most about working

 with wig clients?


CG : I just really love seeing there transformation & how it lifts their confidence. Losing the hair can be a traumatic time, so when the end result is happy for them, I’m happy. There’s nothing better than making someone look good & feel better about themselves.


Follow Cheryl on Instagram @gummersoncheryl


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